Licence Applications, Surrenders, Variations and Revocations

From 1 July 2012 energy retailers are authorised by the AER under the National Energy Retail Law.  All energy supply licences were revoked on 1 July 2012 by section 403 of the National Energy Retail Law (Consequential Amendments) Act 2012.

Licence Application Package

To assist interested persons in preparing an application, the Commission has developed the following documents:

( Document Name Type Size Published date )
Regulatory framework for licensing utilities in the ACT (October 2012)PDF222 KB-
Guidelines on prudential and technical criteria for licence applications under the Utilities Act 2000 (ACT) (October 2012)PDF281 KB-
Applying for a utility service licence in the ACT: procedures and checklist (October 2012)PDF201 KB-

Application for a licence to provide electricity transmission services in the ACT

Utility Licence Application: TransGrid (ABN: 19 622 755 774)

On 7 January 2015, the Commission received an application for a utility licence from TransGrid to provide electricity transmission services in the ACT. TransGrid operated electricity transmission services in the ACT with an exemption from holding a utility licence (DI2012-267). The licence would bring TransGrid formally within the coverage of the Utilities Act 2000 and associated legislation.

The Commission provided notice of the application and invited submissions from interested parties. Submissions closed at 5 p.m. Wednesday 11 February 2015.

On Wednesday 24 February 2015, the Commission granted TransGrid a utility licence to provide electricity transmission services in the ACT. Public notice of the grant of licence was provided as per section 52(1)(a) of the Utilities Act 2000 (NI2015-87). The licence is available at this link.

( Document Name Type Size Published date )
TransGrid Licence Application - Table of attachments addressing criteriaPDF322 KB14/01/2015
Document 1 - TransGrid Annual Report 2014PDF5 MB14/01/2015
Document 2 - TransGrid Corporate Plan 2014-2019PDF2 MB14/01/2015
Document 3 - Transgrid (Our Code of Ethics and Conduct)PDF2 MB14/01/2015
Document 4 - TransGrid Transmission Annual Planning Report 2014PDF8 MB14/01/2015
Document 5 - TransGrid Network Development StrategyPDF5 MB14/01/2015
Document 6 - TransGrid Network Management Plan 2013-18PDF5 MB14/01/2015
Document 7 - ACT Disallowable Instrument (DI2012-267)PDF24 KB14/01/2015
Document 8 - ACT Disallowable Instrument Explanatory StatementPDF24 KB14/01/2015
Document 9 - Energy Services Corporations Act 1995 No 95 (NSW)PDF358 KB14/01/2015
Document 10 - TransGrid 2013-14 Electricity Network Performance ReportPDF1 MB14/01/2015
Document 11 - ICRC Guidelines on prudential and technical criteria Oct 12PDF281 KB14/01/2015
Document 12 - TransGrid Risk Management FrameworkPDF524 KB14/01/2015
Document 13 - NEM Registration and Exemption List (AEMO)PDF104 KB14/01/2015
Document 14 - TransGrid ISO 55001 CertificationPDF90 KB14/01/2015
Document 15 - TransGrid Board CharterPDF148 KB14/01/2015
Document 16 - TransGrid Technical Training GuidelinesPDF211 KB14/01/2015
Document 17 - TransGrid - People & CulturePDF63 KB14/01/2015
Document 18 - TransGrid - Registered Training Organisation (RTO) GuidelinePDF113 KB14/01/2015
Document 19 - TransGrid Revenue Proposal 2014-19PDF3 MB14/01/2015
Document 20 - TransGrid Insurance Certificate - 3 June 2014PDF183 KB14/01/2015
Document 21 - TransGrid - Risk Management DeclarationPDF98 KB14/01/2015

Variation of ACTEW Corporation Limited's licence to provide water and sewerage services in the ACT

The water and sewerage services utility licence held by ACTEW Corporation has been varied under section 38 of the Utilities Act 2000 to give effect to the change in name of the corporation (ACN 069 381 960) from ACTEW Corporation Ltd to Icon Water Limited (the licensee).


( Document Name Type Size Published date )
Utilities (Variation of Licence) Notice 2014 (No 1)LINK-08/12/2014
Attachment 1 - Icon Water Limited licencePDF225 KB08/12/2014
Utilities (Variation of Licence) Notice 2014 (No 1) Notification statementLINK-08/12/2014