Access Arrangements

An access agreement is an agreement under an access regime for the granting of access to services provided by means of the infrastructure facilities to which the access regime relates.

An access regime is a scheme set up for the purpose of implementing the competition principles agreement ( )in relation to third-party access to services provided by means of infrastructure facilities wholly or partly located within the ACT that are wholly or substantially owned, controlled or operated by a single person, being services—

(a) including the use of an infrastructure facility (for example, a road or railway), the handling or transporting of things (for example, goods or people) or a communications service or similar service; and

(b) not including the supply of goods, the use of intellectual property or the use of a production process, except to the extent that that supply or use is an integral but subsidiary part of the service.

Our functions include ensuring non-discriminatory access to monopoly and near-monopoly infrastructure. We maintain records of access agreements and can arbitrate access regime disputes.