Utility Licence Annual Reports

The Commission monitors compliance of each licensed utility with its regulatory obligations through a Utility Licence Annual Report.

Each utility is required to report on:

Each July the Commission sends licensed utility an information request relating to the performance of the utility over the previous twelve months. On receipt of the completed information request, the Commission assesses the material for compliance with the relevant obligations and conditions. The results of the assessment are set out in the Commission’s monitoring report. Please see the latest monitoring report below:

Monitoring Reports

Document NameTypeSize Published date
Monitoring Report on the 2020-2021 Utility Licence Annual ReportsPDF1.5 MB05/05/2022
Monitoring Report on the 2019-20 Utility Licence Annual ReportsPDF1.5 MB30/04/2021
Monitoring Report on the 2019-20 Utility Licence Annual Reports Media ReleasePDF259 KB30/04/2021
Monitoring Report on the 2018–19 Utility Licence Annual ReportsPDF1.5 MB30/04/2020
Monitoring Report on the 2017–18 Utility Licence Annual ReportsPDF778 KB13/06/2019
Monitoring Report on the 2016–17 Utility Licence Annual Reports PDF 381 KB 31/08/2018

Compliance and Performance Reporting pre 2012-13

Prior to the 2012-13 reporting year, the Commission published the Compliance and Performance Report. With the establishment of the National Energy Customer Framework in 2012, responsibility for regulation of energy retailers transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator. In light of this change, the Commission reexamined the reporting obligations of licensed utilities and simplified its approach to monitoring compliance. The Commission ceased producing the Compliance and Performance Reporting as it was replaced by the Utility Licence Annual Report from 2012-13.

Document NameTypeSize Published date
Compliance & Performance Report for 2011-12 (August 2013) PDF 1 MB 29/08/2013
Compliance & Performance Report for 2010-11 (November 2012) PDF 931 KB -
Compliance & Performance Report for 2009-10 (December 2011) PDF 1 MB -
Compliance and Performance Report for 2008-09 (June 2011) PDF 946 KB -
Compliance & Performance Report for 2007-08 (June 2009) PDF 2 MB -
Compliance & Performance Report for 2006-07 (June 2009) PDF 1 MB -
Performance Report for 2005-06 (December 2008) PDF 507 KB -
Corrigendum - Compliance Report for 2005-2006 PDF 288 KB -
Compliance Report for 2005-06 (November 2007) PDF 459 KB 27/11/2007
Performance Report for 2004-05 (February 2007) PDF 994 KB -