Public Crematorium Services Competitive Neutrality

On 20 December 2019, the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (the Commission) received a request from the Treasurer to provide advice to help ensure that the new crematorium facility to be built and operated by the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority (Canberra Cemeteries) operates in a manner consistent with competitive neutrality.

The scope of work for the advice specifies a two stage process. Stage one requires the Commission to develop detailed pricing principles to guide Canberra Cemeteries in developing a costing methodology and prices for the public crematorium services and products that will be consistent with the Competitive Neutrality Policy. Stage two requires the Commission to assess Canberra Cemeteries’ pricing proposal, including its proposed costing methodology and prices, for compliance with the detailed pricing principles and more broadly with the Competitive Neutrality Policy.

Release of Issues Paper

On Friday 31 January 2020, the Commission released an Issues Paper for stage one of its advice on competitive neutrality regarding the operation of Canberra Cemeteries’ crematorium facility.

A copy of the Issues Paper and request from the Treasurer are available below.

Submissions on the Issues Paper close at 5.00 pm, Friday 14 February 2020. Details on how to make a submission are available at

Document NameTypeSizePublished date
Release of Issues PaperPDF928.5 KB31 Jan 2020
Scope of workPDF271.8 KB31 Jan 2020