About Us

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (the Commission) is a statutory body set up to regulate prices, access to infrastructure services and other matters in relation to regulated industries and to investigate competitive neutrality complaints and government-regulated activities. We also have responsibility for licensing utility services and ensuring compliance with licence conditions.

Our objectives are defined in two principal Acts:

Our plan and future priorities

The Commission’s Statement of Intent sets out our workplan and priorities for the year and beyond. The Statement of Intent focuses on the current budget year, and has been developed in the context of a four year forward planning horizon. See the following documents:

Document NameTypeSize Published date
Statement of Intent 2019-20 PDF 1 MB11/06/2019
Statement of Intent 2018-19 PDF 1 MB 02/07/2018
Amended Table 3 (2018-19)PDF71KB03/07/2018

How to contact us

Our postal address is: PO Box 161, Civic Square ACT 2608.

Our contact details are: telephone number (02) 6205 0799; facsimile number: (02) 6207 5887; and email: icrc@act.gov.au

For information on current issues please go to the Home page.