Utility Licence Update

The Commission is proposing to make minor updates to the current utility licences. The update will remove provisions relating to technical regulations that are now covered under the Utilities (Technical Regulation) Act 2014 (UTR Act) from the utility licence and reduce regulatory duplication and reporting burden on licensed utilities. The update will also improve the clarity of the licence conditions. The update will ensure that licence conditions are accurate, current and reflect the Commission’s legislative objectives.

Utility licence update – informal public consultation

On Monday 9 November 2020, the Commission released a consultation paper on the utility licence update. The consultation paper informs stakeholders of the proposed updates to the licences and invites public feedback. The Commission will consider public feedback and representations by the utilities in making its final decision.

A copy of the consultation paper is available to download below.

Interested parties are invited to give feedback on the proposed changes to utility licences. Guidelines on preparing a submission and a copy of a submission coversheet is available here. Stakeholders may also choose to make a short submission or give feedback via this link.

The closing date for submissions and feedback is 1 December 2020.

Document NameTypeSizePublished date
Consultation paper PDF - Utility licence update PDF923.2 KB10 Nov 2020
Consultation paper - Utility licence update Word1005.7 KB10 Nov 2020