Frequently Asked Questions

About the Commission

As the competition commission and a utilities regulator for the ACT, we use a wide range of rule-making, investigatory and enforcement powers to fulfill our statutory objectives.

Our powers and objectives are given to us by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act 1997 and the Utilities Act 2000.

We are an independent body and we receive limited government funding for costs not recoverable from the companies we regulate – we are primarily funded entirely by the companies we regulate.  However, we are accountable to the Chief Ministers and Treasury Directorate and, through them, the Legislative Assembly.

What we do?

We are an independent body that regulates some utility services in the ACT and advisor on competitive neutrality matters.

We have been given a wide range of rule-making, investigatory, enforcement and inquiry powers in order to meet our statutory objectives.  In meeting these, we are also obliged to have regard to the principles set out in the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act 1997.

As the ACT’s independent regulator, we determine the maximum price that can be charged for certain retail energy and water and waste water services in the ACT.

How do we determine prices?

We make our price determinations after a period of consultation and review.  Typically, this process involves:

The Commission may also hold community consultations or any other forms of consultation to increase awareness of the issues and develop an understanding in the community, for example increasing awareness of the issues of regulating the community owned asset that is the ACT regulated water business.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on public consultation and engagement with all stakeholders.